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Following the excitement of winning a gym match and getting the chance to
fill in menial paperwork for the first time in months, Mike had almost
forgotten about the rest of his worries.

Now, though, they seemed to have returned stronger than ever. Still, it was
better than it had been that morning. It was dark, at least, which gave him
cover, and the Loudred he was looking after had been silenced by his recent
conquest in battle.

Mike picked up two of the baby Geodudes he'd rescued from Mount Moon, and
instructed Loudred to lift the rest. Smoochum and Growlithe helped each
other to manouvre the larger mother Geodude.

They arrived at the Pokémon Centre. Nurse Joy looked up and gasped as she
saw the hoard that Mike had brought in.

"Are they hurt?" she said, her voice having jumped an octave.

"Only the biggest one. The mother," said Mike, trying to aim his face away
from people's eyes. He was, after all, still wanted by the police.

"Where's her PokéBall?" asked Joy.

"Doesn't have one. She's a wild one. Someone attacked her in Mount Moon."

"That's terrible!" exclaimed Joy, examining the wounds. "This isn't the
result of a fair battle. She's been severely injured."

"I think he wanted her out of the way to get at the kids," said Mike,
indicating the babies.

"'He'? Who's 'he'?"

"A scientist," said Mike. "I don't know why he wanted them, but he got away
with only one of them. Said something about needing a random weak Pokémon."

"Very strange," said Joy. "Leave them here. I'll have Chansey take care of
them until we return, and then I'll assess if it's safe to put them back in
their habitat."

"Return?" said Mike blankly. "What do you mean?"

"I have to report this," said Joy. "It's very suspicious behaviour, and the
police will need to know."

"The police!" spluttered Mike. "Overreacting a bit, isn't it?"

"It's my duty," said Joy.

"Well, if you insist," said Mike. "I'll be off now. Meeting in the
morning, you know. Research department suspected of using ganja during
their lunch breaks, you know how it is."

"Sir, you'll have to come as a witness," said Joy. "It's your
responsibility. Oh, but don't worry about the Geodudes. They'll be fine."

Mike looked sulkily over his shoulder at the Chansey instructing her
co-workers to move the babies into the back.

Ah well, he thought. At least I don't have to worry about them any more.

"Oh, wait," said Mike. "Could you keep Loudred here too?"

"Chan!" confirmed Chansey.

Mike was a little more relieved now. Last thing he needed was Loudred
causing a scene in a police station.

It is a shame that both Mike and Joy left the Pokémon Centre at that point,
because on their way out, they passed a man named Eric. He was taking a
Pokémon to the Centre to trade in the Cable Club. It was a Geodude.

PokéWars!: Lauren and Diego
"Problem One: Resolved"
Steffan Alun

Mike moodily followed Joy into the reception area of the police station.
The receptionist smiled warmly at the two, but the smile faded as she saw
the serious expression on Joy's face.

"Get me Officer Jenny," said Joy. "We have a situation."

"Go right through," said the receptionist. She pressed a button, and a
buzzer sounded.

Joy marched throught the door and into a corridor, Mike following
half-heartedly. She reached the end of the corridor, and knocked.

"In!" commanded a voice from the other side.

"Hello, there, Jenny," said Joy. "This man here brought- Who are you?"

Jenny wasn't there. Instead, a beefy bald man was sitting in her chair,
busily writing on a clipboard with a pencil.

"DC Hardy," replied the man. "Officer Jenny is out investigating rumours of
a criminal from Pewter being spotted entering Misty's place. Can I help

Mike was sweating.

"It is rather urgent," admitted Jenny. "This man brought in a bunch of
Geodudes just now. He said- Well, he can tell you the story."

"Sit," sighed Hardy.

Mike obeyed.


"Well..." started Mike. "I was in Mount Moon

"Spare me the details. Get to the point."

"Right." Mike breathed. "I found an abandoned bunch of baby Geodudes. I
then spotted their mother, who'd been knocked out. I examined them to see
if there was anything I could do for them, when a man showed up."

"Describe." DC Hardy was no longer looking at Mike. He was checking over
the clipboard again.

"It was dark," frowned Mike. "But...he had dark hair, dark skin and a dark
lab coat."

"Wouldn't a lab coat have been white?"

Mike considered this.

"He had hair which may or may not have been dark, skin which may or may not
have been dark and a lab coat which was almost certainly white. It was

The DC closed his eyes and breathed through his nose.

"He admitted to hurting the mother, and said he worked for Team Rocket-"


Mike jumped. DC Hardy had brought his hand down on the table with a
frightening amount of force.

"Team Rocket no longer exists!" he spat.

"Well, that's what he said-"

"He said no such thing!" The DC's eyes were wider than any Mike had ever
seen. "Team Rocket's supporters have all but disappeared!"

"As I said-"

"Don't believe me?!" The DC threw his clipboard at Mike, winding him. "Put
that in your pipe and smoke it, chum."

Mike leafed through the pages. It was incredibly long.

"All of those are confirmed members of Team Rocket," said Hardy. "The ones
crossed out? They're gone. Disbanded, imprisoned or dead."

To Mike's astonishment, all the names were crossed out. Giovanni. Hera.
Hotaru. Maria. Max. Maxine. Minax. Renee. Rika. Rubix. Saber. Seth.
Stephanie. Splash. Taco. Tomoe. All crossed out in red ink.

As he continued through the clipboard, however, he saw that many names had
been crossed out in pencil. They must have just been confirmed, thought
Mike, and that must have been what Hardy was doing when they arrived.
Aaron. Annie. Bonnie. Butch. Carol. Cassidy. Christof. Two Clydes.
Dogg. Estro. Jamie. Kirsty. Kyle.

The further back he got, the lighter the pencilled lines became. At the far
back, the lines were decidedly unconvincing. He must have no proof at all,
thought Mike. The list was increibly long considering that these people may
still be around. Dreadite. Diego. Eric. Garret. Grey. Ian. James.
Jessie. Ken. Lauren. Nori. Shikaku. Mike shuddered.

"They're all gone," smirked Hardy. "You don't need to be a rocket scientist
to see that-"

"He WAS a Rocket scientist!" exploded Mike, angered to the point of


Mike stared at him. This man was insane!

"Surely, DC," spoke Mike softly. "Your duty is to investigate any reports
of rule-breaking, no matter how unlikely."

"Not," said the DC, "When I have a whole file filled with proof of a major
inconsistency in your story."

"Then maybe I misheard," said Mike. "Or maybe he lied. Whatever the case,
he harmed a Geodude to obscene degrees, and regardless of his connections
with Team-"

"THERE IS! NO! TEAM! ROCKET!" roared the DC, slamming the table.

"You already explained," said Mike drily. "But whatever the case, the

"If there is a scientist," said the DC dangerously.

"What the-"

Mike almost choked.

"Denying the existence of Tea...I mean, a gang of poss...erm, a
probably-imaginary terrorists, I understand. But denying that the

"Name your witnesses."

"Me!" cried Mike. "And my Pokémon."

"Who conveniently enough can't talk."

"There are interpretors these days!"

"And you think we have the time and resources to translate the lies you've
been feeding your monsters, do you?"


The DC narrowed his eyes.

"Think I'm stupid, do you? Think you can start a panic in our city?" He
grunted. "I've got your number, fellow. You won't get far."

"I'm not making this up!"

"Alright," said the DC. "We'll check your record. Name?"

Mike went pale. He couldn't let the DC discover his identity! It was
miraculous he wasn't recognised in the first place.


Mike said the first name that came to his head.

"Trousle Undrhil."

The DC wrote the name down on a piece of paper.

"Trausol...Under...hill! Right, stay here."

"Oh, forget it!" said Mike, a fair bit meeker than he'd intended. He'd
suddenly remembered that Trousle was a child. Mike wondered for an insane
second whether he could pass for fourteen, then stormed out of the room,
looking determinedly at the floor to avoid having his face. He heard Nurse
Joy call after him, but he didn't turn back.

He set his sights towards the Pokémon Centre, ready to retrieve Loudred.

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