Problems booting in SLI-DR

I have an SLI-DR, and I'm having problems booting.

I turn on the pc and the 4 Red LEDs flash for some secs, then they hold, then they flash again and hold again... and so on.... they stay like that for some mins, then it starts the boot. And it holds the last LED and gives a 3-4sec bip.

does anyone now what it could be?
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  1. RTFM mate :D
    I believe that 4 red leds means that you chipset is screwy, but I am not certain, I too own a SLI-DR Expert, had that exact problem but retuned the mobo and got me a new 1
    I do recall the manual explaining the led codes.
  2. yeah it must be... But after a couple of tries, it starts... its was like that for some hours, so I let it rest, then I tried and it was OK. Weird sh**... :roll:

    I'm never buying a DFI again... too damn picky and tricky...

    The codes...

    4leds - system startup
    3leds - CPU detected
    2leds - dram detected
    1led - VGA detected
    0leds - system boot-up
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