PC switches off while writing DVD (MSI K9N & Lite-On)

The system:

AMD x2 3800+ (AM2)
2 x 1 gig dimms DDR2 (800MHz)
ATI x1950 Pro PCIx 16
MSI K9N Ultra mother board

80 Gig Segate Baracude 7200rpm IDE drive
Lite-on DVD RW

system is running on a 500W PSU

The system runs well while gaming - I can play hours on end. but as soon as I try to write a CD or DVD the PC switches off without warning ( an arbitrary way into writing te DVD. some times the power light flashes asif the pc was suspended but it does not wake up again - other times ist just off.

I`ve tried writing @ different speeds - no difference
tried my DVD writer in a different PC - it works fine
tired using both Nero 6 & 7
tried a more expensive 500W PSU
I put a LG DVD writer in my pc an was able to write but when I tried a Gigabyte DVD writer it shut down again
loaded the latest BIOS - no effect
tried all BIOS power management options - no change
used windows power management as put it on laptop and managed to write several dvd ( CPU clock speed drop 50% using this setting)

so things still aren't working correctly - do you have suggestions - or a similar experience
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  1. Interesting results with power management. Sorry I don't have any answers to your delema but I thought it important to mention that there seems to be an issue with the MS auto detect that will disable some DVD formats. To overcome this I did like you did and tried moving some DVD burners around to circumvent this and it works for a little while. I wrote it off to piracy protection and moved on. BTW Hoe do you like Nero 7? I personally hate the large footprint all the software mfg is going to.
  2. I hate leaving thighs with bugs so ill probably not give up just yet... (atleast I can rule out content protection at this stage - the files I tried to wriite are pure data files)

    As for nero, 7 is a great step forward from 6 especially oi you cant get out of the express mode - but I also wish that they would do the writing only and leave the media players & photo viewers to the people that do them well - the greatest peeve is nero scout witch just sits there
  3. I finaly sent my pc in so that the distributor can have a look at my problem and was hoping to get a replacement mother board.

    But no such luck - according top the distributor ( Pinnacle systems south africa) the MSI MB has a known compatibility issue with DVD writers other than LG - and i should thus replace my writer and all is fixed... the problem is apparently my fault since i should have looked for discussions on news groups before purchasing the mb

    What a load of crap!!!!!

    as a consumer i should not have to investigate further than going to the manufacturers web site and checking the specs - that is where the incompatibility should have been mentioned anyway -

    but hoe do you as a manufacturer release a product with this kind of incompatibility?

    any thoughts?
  4. I finaly got an admission from MSI that there is a bug on the K9N - F2.0 version of teh mother boards and the distrubter is to swop the motherboard for an revised version wich fixed the bug
  5. i had exactly this problem until i bought a good quality PSU. i had a 550w PSU before and even though 550w sounds like a lot it was just a crappy make and every time i tried to burn a dvd my comp would reboot.

    i bought myself a quality Ennermax 600w PSU and the comp has never rebooted since.

    you say you tried a more expensive PSU, but what make was it?

    and you said when you adjusted power settings that you couldd burn a dvd...this still points to a crappy PSU and not enough power.
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