10973 3D Mark score on a E6600 w/ 8800GTX... sounds bad...

Ok... so I have the following system I just built:

E6600 2.4 (OCed to 3.2)
Asus P5N-E SLI M/B
Corsair Dominator 2GB
3 500GB Segattes in RAID 5

The 3D Mark score seems low for the 8800GTX. Any ideas what I can do to tweak a little more performance?
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  1. Quote:
    Which 3DMark version....?

    lol i thought the exact same thing :)

    if its 3dmark05 then yes its low. If its 3dmark06, then its good.
  2. yea, if its 05 thats not good if its 06 thats not bad. I get 12250 at most with an E6400 Oc'ed to 3.6Ghz and one/8800GTX on 06 and thats with the 8800GTX oc'ed as well to 625Mhz GPU and 2000Mhz mem.

    The second GTX is on RMA to Evga for a bad voltage regulator, I'll see how it does with two when it returns.
  3. I'm using the lastest verison of 3DMark... which I assume is 06. I downloaded it from his site about 1 week ago.
  4. That score is perfectly normal for 3DMark06.
  5. i got 9980 with e6400@3.6 and GTS@GTX specs..
  6. score is just about right on...anything between 10900 and 11500 sounds about right for that rig (same rig as im ordering right now)
  7. Yeah that score is just fine for default 8800GTX.
    I get 10291 from e6600@3.0Ghz and 8800GTS @ 620/1000
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