I have an ADSL question

Is this the right forum to ask this question, if not please direct me to the right one.

the question it self is that i have an ADSL connection but i cant make it run full speed, my ISP tells me that there is no error and thier test equipment say it should be able to run that fast, the router itself also say that its connected with that given speed.

ive tryed TCPoptimizer, and the network adaptor on another computer.
please advice so i have something to tell my ISP when i call them back.

My adsl is and ADSL2 20Mb/s down and 1Mb/s up, my current atainable speed is around 1300KB/s
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  1. There's a difference between the theoretical maximum speed of ADSL2 (which is about 20Mbps) and Actual speed.

    There is also ADSL2+ which is maximum 25Mbps or so.

    I used to work for an ADSL provider, so I suggest that you ask them your Actual speed and make sure they aren't just saying what it COULD run at. Ask them what gauge of copper you are on, what speed their DSL tech is getting at the demark, what the strength of the signal to your router is currently, how far from the DSLAM the copper is travelling before it gets to your router and how fast they expect your connection to be. After you are getting the best possible speed from your provider, make sure they are billing you in the right bracket.

    Are you really getting 1300KB/s down? that's 10.4Mb down ya know. Make sure you're reading in Megabit, not Megabyte.

    Good luck! Let me know if you have any other questions!
  2. Hey sorry ive ben so longe at answering, been descussing with my ISP, anyway this is how it looks at the moment.

    My ADSL2 is (was as of now but ill get to that), 20Mb/s ie should theoretically run at 2.5MB/s - 15% header give and take, however it runs at the before explained 1.3MB/s roughly 11Mb/s. ive talket with my ISP who say that i should try and download from this and that site and i whould/should get about 2MB/s however i did not. Then he tells me that its at my end there is a problem becourse he can se that i should be able to run at that speed.

    I ask him if thats what he have sat it to or if that what it runs, he then repeats his answer like either he dosnt know what i mean or he think that when he sets it to that speed itll run at that speed. however i run a series of tracerouter test from online sites to my ip and notice there is about 50% package loss at my router. i call them again and they tell me that its my end there is a problem and when ask them to please check thier equipment for fault he tells me yadda yadda thier equipment is soo good and im just a private person what do i know yadda yadda, then i tell him well if hes not interrested in helping me fix this problem and not interrested in erning any money then he could just reduce my connection to 10 Mb and then i hang up.

    Well if you have worked with ADSL you can probaly tell me alot if i past the wires test that my router can make how ever this is for 10Mb:

    Download noise margin:
    noise margin downstream: 27 db
    output power upstream: 12 db
    attenuation downstream: 12 db

    Upstream noise margin:
    noise margin upstream: 14 db
    output power downstream: 21 db
    attenuation upstream: 5 db
  3. Your SNR/attenuation margin are excellent!

    if you're losing 50% of the packets from your router as you mentioned, I think you need to consider the fact that your router might have trouble. Run speedtests from www.speakeasy.net/speedtest and see what the closest server to you gets for speed. Also, remove every other device from your network and see if straight to your DSL router gets the same issue.

    Do you run your DSL router to an internal cable/dsl router, AKA wireless router? If so, try disconnecting that from the equation.

    You might try also try resetting your router to default settings (after you do, you might need to re-enable the settings to connect to your ISP if there are any) and see if that helps also.
  4. Oh yeah, what type/model of ADSL router do you have? have you compared that with the manufacturer specs and/or checked for reviews of the router to see if it is is problem prone, good for high-speed downloads?

    just a few more thoughts....trying to be thorough.
  5. Quote:
    Your SNR/attenuation margin are excellent!
    yeah, allthough they wherent before i rewired my entire apartment's phonecables.

    My router is an ZyXEL P-2602R : http://www.zyxel.com/web/product_family_detail.php?PC1indexflag=20040520161246&CategoryGroupNo=63947C25-BF1B-48ED-A038-AC0D196F4622

    And its Connected directly from the Phoneline to the router to the computer, by cable and no other hardware is in between.

    You might try also try resetting your router to default settings (after you do, you might need to re-enable the settings to connect to your ISP if there are any) and see if that helps also.
    Well dont know about that, my ISP have tryed two diffrent settings that they uploaded, but i might consider doing that, just not right now, im just tired of calling my ISP incase something goes wrong in the reset process.

    Anyways, Thanks alot for your time and help, though it looks like my ISP aint interrested in fixing the problem either, since they return a mail i sendt to them with the tracerouter, showing that i have 50% loss, telling me that its not thier problem and they are closing the case.
  6. I think you're ignoring the issue of the lost packets at your router. You still haven't tried to eliminate that piece of equipment, and if you have a way to buy/return another ADSL2/2+ router, borrow/trade with a friend that has ADSL2/2+ router, try to do something to eliminate that as the source of the trouble...which it sounds like you're saying it is a possibility.

    If you have done a pretty good job eliminating all other sources of trouble, what have you done to eliminate the router, instead of blaming it on the ISP? (that is of course, unless they are leasing you the router and it is their responsibility to replace it, etc)
  7. Quote:
    (that is of course, unless they are leasing you the router and it is their responsibility to replace it, etc)
    Sorry forgot to say, yeah the router is thiers, and ive change it 3 times. ive done an online Traceroute from a remote computer while my home computere where turned off, IE there where nothing running except the Modem/Router, and i got the 50% package loss.
  8. I understand. Sorry about that dude, the only thing I can think of is that either there is still poor wiring somewhere between you and your ISP, good wiring and you're getting the best signal you're going to get in your area, or maybe that brand of ADSL router just doesn't work too well. This is not to say that I think Zyxel is a bad brand, because I just bought a Wireless router that is Zyxel based on a lot of good reviews, including here at Tom's. Maybe there is some crazy encoding issue between the two...who knows.

    Sounds like you've been pretty thorough, now that I know what steps you've taken dude...wish I could suggest anything further.

    Let me know if you have any more Questions.

  9. Sorry for the late responce, but thanks for your help. Im educated engineer so im usally very thorough with computer stuff, try to approach it from as many angles as possible without cost. and turn to Forums when i run out of ideas.

    However ive changed my connection back to 10Mb/s and it runs fine at that speed. i talked to my ISP and they removed what they called a FAST Profile from my router ( dont know if that worked or not ). I also have another source for package loss which reports 0.2 to 0.5 loss while streaming. but im tired of descussing with my ISP since they tell me the problem is at my place and since i cant finde any conlution to what it might be.

    buttom line is .. my 10Mb/s runs without problems and im glad.

    Again thanks for your time ..
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