Cooling Fan not working!!!!!

MY cooling fan quit working on me. it has to be something with the software cause it works till windows XP starts up what is going on ? can anyone help me? Im stuck in Iraq and dont have any access to a teck or anyone. I will also add its a gateway laptop fan/heatsink thats doing it
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  1. Which cooling fan?
    What, exactly, happens, step by step?
    What if you try booting into something other than Windows, such as DOS or memtest86+?
  2. No i just go to windows i dont know how to go the the dos Prompt and i dont know what the . . .86+ thing you say of is either. i cant do a system resore cause it freezes half way through it everytime
    I dont remember what i did. I dont use it for anything but browsing the net i dont download anything and or visit porn sites or anything like that i didnt delete anything, , , i dont know what to do i cant find any topics on it
  3. Let's start with the model number of the computer. With that we can start seeing if there are any settings to play with. When you say you don't know what you did - it indicates that you did something. Did you enter the bios? Did you enter or change some settings in the control panel? If you can remember even a partial sequence of what you might have done, it may offer a clue. The idea of the questions is to try to see if it's actually hardware or software related. From there we can look at your particular laptop and see if people on the laptop forums can offer any possible suggestions.
  4. Gateway MP6954 Intel Duo 1.6GHZ
    I dont recall ever changing any settings before it started acting up. its been awhile (month or so) since I first noticed it not working. I didnt Go into the bios until after to see if i could find any settings for it I didnt change anything while i was there
    I live in a dusyt enviroment so i dont know if tht would have had to much affect on it since i blew it out and there wasnt much at all I have only had it for about 5 months now
  5. Here's your users manual:

    Start with troubleshooting power issues.
    You didn't say how long the computer will run before shutting off. Here's some suggestions for checking for power:
    If you can get windows to load, see if the battery charge or status indicator is telling you the battery charge level or if it's charging.
    Try removing the battery and run off the power supply alone.
    Double check your power supply connection for bent pins, dirt, secure connection etc.
    If the power brick has a status light, check to see if it's on.
    If you can get into windows, check your power management and hibernate settings.

    If you can get it to run for any length of time, try booting into safe mode and check your power management settings and run virus and anti-spyware scans from there.

    Just trying some simple things first until we can get a better feel for exactly what going on. Again, you didn't say exactly how long it will stay running. You might also try removing the hard drive and cleaning all the connections to try to eliminate that as a issue.

    You can allways Tech support but you must have the computer registered to you.
  6. I can use my computer for a good length of time as long as i dont load the processor to much it wont shut donw it just freezes
  7. Was just rying to eliminate the power supply, battery, and your power settings as issues.

    IMO, the next step would be to download and run speedfan (or something simlilar) so you can monitor your CPU temps and fan speeds. At least you'll get a better idea of why it's shutting down.

    Unfortunately, your laptop could have other fans that may not be monitored by speedfan and one of those could be the problem.

    It sound like you're in a situation where you should call or email tech support for help at this point.
  8. Okay so now i have the speed fan I am having trouble with the config I dont know what motherboard is in there. . . the gateway support page says Quanta and thats not on the list. but it does show the temp of the chip and it gets hot it runs at an average of 40 C and i have seen it get to 54 C

    and what power setting can i change in windows itself that would stop/start the fan? the only thing i can think of that i messed with was to make the screen stay on while i was watching movies (that what the only setting i remember changing)
  9. DO NOT touch the motherboard function. Just use the temps that are shown for this thread.
  10. What quazzy said - No need to touch anything in bios. What you're trying to do now is see if you have any settings in power management that may be causing the computer to shut down. Speedfan will let you know what your temps are and if your fan is running or shutting off prematurely. The purpose of that exercise is just to get an idea of what's happening. The only thing you can realisticly do to fix the problem is see if your power management settings are causing it to go into hibernation, or if you're stuck on the highest processor speed. If it's a hardware failure then there's nothing you can do but send it in for repair. I'm digging in your manual right now to see what you can do with your settings.

    I'm making the assumption that you've checked your power supply and battery to make sure the problem isn't in that area.
  11. I will never live to see someone spell my nickname right. 8O
  12. Oh Crap ... sorry :oops:
  13. Uninstall SpeedFan, and Google Core Temp. Download and install that. Tell us the temps then.
  14. Here's the link to Gateway email tech support:
  15. Try (and this may sounds a bit mad) blowing into the fan when you have turned it on. Sharp blows at different angles into the cooling fan. I read this online and thought it was worth a shot. Blew sharply at the cooling fan at different angles after a few mins it magically turned back on it was amazing! Blowing just moves the fan slightly, kick starting it back on!! Its worth a shot you got nothing to lose and saved my laptop!

  16. for now head down to your local electronics store and pick up a usb fan (any size) and place it under your laptop where it sucks in air..... not a perm solution but it'll get'cha by until you can replace the fan in your laptop
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  18. Closing this thread. It was stagnant for 5 years between the last 2 posts, and 5 years before that....going back 10 years to the original discussion.
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