2nd build hand holding needed

I am putting together my second build, and have put together the following parts list, which comes on budget.

The primary use is for AutoCad 2d and 3d work, but I like to play a game or two. As this is the tool that I earn my living with, reliability is an issue. I plan on doing some overclocking along the way to prolong the usefulness of the processor.

Existing Parts to be reused

Antec True480 480w power supply

Lian Li PC-60 case

Looking at it all on:

Hewlett-Packard LP2465, rate highly for cad work

New System

Gigabyte GA965P-DS3

Core 2 Duo E6600

Corsair Twin 2X 2048-6400C4 SDRAM DDR2 800

MSI GeForce 7900GT 256MB


Pair Western Digital Caviar SE16 250mb in a Raid 1 mirror

XP-pro with planned Vista upgrade in about 6 months

Currently running a MSI GeForce 6800GT. Would it be better to wait for the DX10 compatable cards and upgrade then? The budget is around $200-$250 for the video card.

Old parts will be put to use as a backup/hack machine with a cheap case and PS.

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  1. That LCD has a 1920 x 1200 resolution & dual DVI inputs.

    Power supply of 400 watt(550W is recommended for SLI mode) is highly recommended for system stability.


    The Antec True480 480w is this?


    Then it's fine for 7900gt. FYI, budget 8600 cards will be out in March. The $180 8600 Ultra would be the budget gaming card.

  2. I would replace that NEC drive with this

    MSI is good for the video but I would consider getting something from BFG or EVGA.

    Last I would avoid WD hard drives like the plague. I stick with Seagate because all of their internal hard drives have a 5 year warranty. the ones that I would personally buy are


    other than that it looks good.
  3. Thanks for the input.

    That is the power supply, and I am not looking to run SLI, so it looks like I should be okay.

    I think I will hold off on the card for a month or two.

    I have been split between the NEC and the LiteOn drives, people seem to swear by one or the other. I've been happy with my last LiteOn...

    I have not had any trouble with my current WD drives. My wife, however, has had a heck of a time trying to return a defective Seagate drive :roll: (But she is on a Mac :wink: )...But I will check them out.
  4. The last NEC that I had the laser went out within about a month. besides half the drives at the stores are lite-on. Anything from Sony, Memorex, liteon, and there are like 3 more that are all lite-on drives.
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