Is the X1600 Pro dx10 ready?

Just wondering
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  1. No
  2. no. it says right on the box what direct x compatability it has.
  3. No.

    Only cards on the market with full DX10 support are the 8800s.
  4. no and it never will be. ATI is eventually going to start releasing mainstream DX10 in the same price range as the X1600pro though.
  5. Quote:
    Just wondering


    The best you can do is get the DX10 drivers (if available). Then you can play the DX10 game in compatibility mode and you will not get the DX10 features (no matter how good the drivers are). Doing this will also make DX10 games run DOG slow.
  6. dont want to be harsh but try a bit of research will ya, just go to newegg ( even if u aint buying from there) type X1600 pro and look at the specs.
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