Hi All,
OK firstly take a quik look at This If you havnt already seen it.
Now I ended up buying a PNY 7600gt , 1 month old off Ebay. Fitted it started up and first it did the same as before, started to load , blue screen error flashed up for a second then it rebooted and went to safe mode options screen. Oh yeah there were NO lines down the screen! Any way I booted up in safe mode,windows found new hardware and I added the drivers off the disc.Restarted and booted ok,windows said it had found new hardware again,I cancelled it and updated to the latest drivers from Nvidia site. All seemed well, but each time the pc is restarted windows keeps finding new hardware and I keep canceling it, The card is recogniosed in the devices list as the display adapter.Like I say , all seemed well but when playing more intensive games such as BF2, I just didnt feel I was getting the performance I should!
Anywayz I decided to run 3Dmark06 earlier, baring in mind I got a score of 1259 with the 6600gt using tweeked driversat clocks of 501+1002,about 3or4 months ago,and looking at other marks by simular spec pc's, I was expecting a mark of at least around 2000!!! Well this is the Score!!!
YES 1096 pretty dissamal I Know!, but as I went through the results I noticed THIS The results on the right are a simular spec pc I compared too, but notice the agp which I persume meens pci ex, its only at 1x and no FSB on the cpu!
So is what could be causing my performance issues? And if so how can I fix it??
As always all help is greatly appretiated, Thanx Gaz!
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  1. Hi All,
    Just a bit of a update...

    Well Ive mannaged to get the card running at 16x pci ex
    Changed a few settings around in the bios and also dloaded NvHardPage and set some things on there! I ran 3DMark again and got a score of 2748 :) It told me thatit was 16x, but still no front side bus,. So I did anouther search on google and come across a forum saying resetting to the optimised settings in bios had sorted it for them, which I tried then ran 3DMark again and got a better score of 2972 :D but still no fsb :?
    Has Anyone Got Any Ideas How To Set FSB :?:
    Is the front side bus even important :?: :?:
    Also how can I check the fsb without running 3DMark all the time :?: :?: :?:
    As Always Thanx Gaz!!!
  2. Hi All,
    Can Anybody help me with this :?:
    Also now things seem to be getting worse gennerally :? , Last night I tried to join BF2 a total of 5 times, and every time it got as far as the map loading but as soon as I pressed the 'join' button, the sound would scream down my earphones,all the fans would start blowing at max speed and then the pc would reset/reboot itself :!:
    ANY Advice is appretiated, Thanx Gaz!
  3. Hi,
    Sorry if I arnt making sense! its just that this has been going on for a couple of weeks now , going from one thing to anouther!
    I,ll try explain a bit better, but first heres my specs
    Intel P4 3ghz HTT,
    Intel D915gag mobo,
    1Ghz Ddr 400 PC3200 Kingston ram (4x256mb)
    400watt psu (cheap make same as case= I People),
    80gig Sata hd Barracuda 7000rpm,
    20gig Ide hd (cant remember make),
    Dvd drive,
    On Board Hd Audio (Realtek Drivers),
    Pny 7600gt Gfx @ 561mhz + 702mhz.

    OK, it started out I was online playing BF2 when it crashed, this was like no other crash I'd seen (all purple and green specs over the screen). AnyWayz CHECK This For More Details!
    I basically got round that by buying anouther Gfx card, which after a few minor bugs at first, started working ok apart from when I ran 3DMark 06 on the reports and comparrisons pages it showed I have 0 fsb, I dont know if this is important or not. Also I cant find any option to set the front side bus in my bios or anywhere else! It wasnt bothering me too much as I could play BF2 again, that is until I tried to enter a game yesterday where as soon as I press the join button after the map has loaded the system would reset itself!
    Now I thought maybe heat problem as my cpu runs hot at the best of times,In bios when I first start the cpu temp will be around 50c and slowly climb to 59c. MBM5 says my cpu temp at this moment is 48c and case is 34c although usually it says cpu is around 54c.
    Last night I took the heatsink and fan off the cpu, cleaned,aplied fresh thermal grease and reseated. I also changed my psu because that seemed to be getting hot.
    Im a bit lost as to what more I can try to get things running smoothly again :?
    Any Ideas :?: Thanx Gaz!
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