HDD Problems, bad psu?

If your PSU is not good/going bad, could it cause problems with your harddrives? I am having problems were it sounds like the HDD/s sound like it/they are losing pwer and restarting. For instance, when I was playing World of Warcraft, the game freezes, the hdd chirps and sounds like it restarts. After about 5-10 seconds the game continues. Does this sound like a problem with the HDD, the PSU or the Mobo (IDE ports). I do have a generic 400 watt PSU. In fat, when I look at the box it came in, it is called "Power 400". I can't find any brand names. I bought it about a year ago, and at the time didn't realize the impact a bad PSU could have on your PC.
Just for reference, I am running:
Epox EP-8hhmi-a Mobo
Athlon 64 Venice 754 (2200=11x200mhz)
Thermaltake Venus HSF
2x 512 pc2100 ram
Sapphire X800GTO 400/490
1 80 gig WD 5400 HDD
1 120 gig seagate 7200 HDD
1 Standard 80mm fan
1 neon 80mm fan
1 Standart 92mm fan

I think that's it.

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  1. Try putting the drive in question on a different power plug, meaning on a different line of wires from the psu and disconnect unneeded things for testing, doubt that will work since its been running a year like you have it. Try a friends psu on it :D
  2. Sounds like a Power Management issue where Windows powers down the hard drives when they have not been uses for a while. When the hard drive is accessed again the PC pauses as the hard drive powers up.

    Go through the following steps:

    1. Click Start Button then Control Panel
    2. Double click "Power Options"
    3. Change "Turn Off Hard Disks" to "Never"
  3. Thanks for the replies. I am not real sure what is wrong yet. I do know that my Mobo and PSU appear to be ok. I tried installing windows on my second HD and just left the 80 gig one out completely. I think there is something wrong with that one. I am going to try to hook it up as the slave and see if it works. It may have been a bad windows install before, I am not sure. When I do hook it up, I will check the Power Management settings, though.

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