Help me install office student for windows 7

there was a mix up when i exchanged my PC which got struck by lightning. the CD for office for home and student was not passed on. why for the life of me i have to use that format to open up things i don't understand. I have tried to use the 90 day trials but after only using only 3 of them I can't seem to install them it will only ask me do i want to fix what is already expired. At this time I am out of work and can't go in and do anything with my resume. If anyone has any ideas for this problem your insight would be great Thanks
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  1. No trail, you can try open office as a free Office software.
  2. If you don't have a valid Office 2010 license you can use a free office suite. solbadguy228's suggestion of will work, I'd suggest LibreOffice ( ) and there are several others (google free office software), for that matter google docs will import office 2010 files.
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