Video Flickering

Ever since playing UFO afterlight last night, my pc now starts to flicker, it turns balck for awhiel, then turns back on.

The last time this happened was when i was using bad drivers. I'm wondering if now it's the same.

Now i'm using Windows Vista,
Card : 7800GS AGP
Driver : 9746

I know there's a new beta driver that's out, 100.64 but i'm wondering does it work for 7800GS AGP on Vista?

or is there any other ways to solve the flickering?
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  1. Nvidia just released their 100.65 WHQL certified Vista driver, u should try it.
  2. yeah but thats for 64bit CPUs, their 100.64 beta is for 32bit thoguh, but i'm wondering if it works for 7800GS AGP on Vista ultimate. Last i heard one of the 100.x series drivers gave bluescreen for my card on vista ultimate
  3. Oops, sorry for the wrong link, it was 2am :oops:

    Here is the 32bit WHQL driver
  4. ooo thx :) i'll go install it :) hopefully it doesn't give me a bluescreen :P
  5. If it still has flickering after the new drivers, then it might be a bad monitor or video card. Try different ones so you can do process of elimination. Good luck!
  6. what monitor are you using?
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