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Hi everyone, I am looking for a way to speed up my file transfers for my home net work. I am not too sure what I need to buy, so let me explain my situation a little. For some reason my router (linksys wtr54gs) is doing a very pore job of transferring files. It seems that the transfer speed is the same as my internet speed, is this true? Doing some basic tests I found that transfers from wirelesslan was about 1 to 2 mbps and lanwireless was about 500-700kbps. Not too sure what it was that slow, but I don’t think I was getting any faster when I was using two wired computers, it was still about 2mbps.

I have 1 desktop, 2 laptops, and a DVR that I would like to have networked. If possible I might build a small computer to act as a NAS/gameserver. I want to add more wired connections to the house that I am in already (replace all rj-11 with 45, and add more lines) and since I am adding the cable I might as well use cat5e and use gigabit stuff if that would help out transfer speeds. I have a feeling that I will be doing a lot of large file transfers, mostly video, and I don’t want to spend all day waiting, so the faster the better.

What would be the best way to set up my home network, my desktop has 2 gigabit ports, so I use that as the gateway for a switch (I think, my knowledge isn’t that great in this area, so please correct me if I am wrong). I still want to share the internet connection that I have, and have wireless (but I can use my linksys as an access point, right?) but I really need faster file transfer speeds.

Thanks for taking the time to help me.
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  1. Sounds like all you need is a gigabit switch. Connect that to your wireless router, and connect all your computers to the switch. Most gigabit switches should be just fine for local home use. Getting a switch with support for jumbo frames could be handy for older/slower computers with PCI-based gigabit cards.
  2. would i then be able to get speeds near 1000mbps?
  3. Nowhere near 1000 Mb/s (125 MB/s) in practice. 30 MB/s is commonly achieved, and a reasonable target -- this is 3X faster than well-running 100 Mb/s, so is worth the typically small cost outlay.

    Getting up to 60 MB/s is possible with good drives / RAID arrays, but getting much higher is hard.
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