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Hi everyone!

I just bought a brand new router (Belkin) and am attempting to set up a wireless network in my apartment. On the network there are 2 desktops and 2-4 laptops depending on the day, all using wireless ethernet cards. So far the desktops work great. The one has a tendency to loose the connection but it's usually fixed by restarting the computer (I'm guessing its just the age of the wireless card).

Three of the possible four laptops are HPs, two not even 6 months old and one about a year old. The newer two are the ones causing the problem. They will work fine for about 10 minutes then the entire network crashes. I get error messages on all computers saying there is "limited or no connectivity." I've checked and it doesn't look like the laptop that caused the connection problem was given a valid ip address (or even one at all). I've ran every wizard I can think of, messed with every setting on the router I think would fix it. I've more or less ran out of ideas. Talking to the guys I work with (Technical support for my university) has led to no ideas beyond the "I've never heard of that before." I read some posts earlier about encryption causing the problem. The only thing is... why are two of the laptops working and not all of them? Just seems strange that only the two newest HPs are being weird while my ancient Toshiba works just fine.
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  1. Belkin is not known for reliability.

    The problem is BELKIN. Take it back and get a dlink, netgear or linksys. Linksys are hit and miss since they moved away from Linux Firmware. I think Dlink makes the best equipment right now. Stay away from anything MIMO or pre 11n. They have a lot more problems.
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