Newbie Building a new PC, what should i get?

Hi guys, I'm building a new sub $800 PC. My question is, should I get an AMD build or an Intel build. The reason I'm asking (i know the core 2 wins hands down) is because i want to upgrade in the future. I heard that the am2+ boards will be compatible with the upcoming AMD processors where as the core 2 boards wont be compatible with the new quad cores and 45mm intel processors. I wont be going much gaming (none most likely) just alot of audio encoding/production and HD viewing on this computer. Here is what i have so far for both builds. I already have a 16x DVD burner, and SATA hard drive.




Athlon X2 3800+


Kingston value ram 2GB (2*1gb)

Video Card

EVGA Geforce 7900GS

total $708



Core 2 4300



Biostar 945z

biostar 945z

I didnt include a case or cooling because im not really sure about these components.

What would you guys recommend?
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  1. I would go with Intel, heres a list I came up with as you know this all from Newegg.

    CPU: E6300 - $185.00
    Motherboard: GA-965P-DS3 - $132.99
    RAM: 1GB OCZ GOLD DDR2 667 MHZ - $95.99
    GPU: EVGA GeForce 7900GS 256MB PCI-e - $150
    PSU: OCZ 600W GameXtreme - $129.99
    CASE: Its completely up to you, depends on what style you want.

    TOTAL : $694 without taxes/shipping and handling.
  2. Definately the intel build :D
  3. For what you are describing you can cut back on the video card, probably one level to the 7600 or x1600 ATI card. 7950 is pretty hard core graphics for those high end gamers.
  4. thanks for the replies guys. Just one question, how will a 7600 handle HD content?
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