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I just built a computer for someone using the Biostar TForce 550 motherboard. I guess I didn't look at the fine print, because the board only has one IDE connection. Unfortunately, the person I'm building the computer for only has IDE hard drives. He's on a limited budget, so I can'thave him buy new SATA drives. I currently have the DVD burner (slave), and the hard drive (master) on the same cable. I don't like this set up even though it works, and also because I have another DVD rom, and another hard drive to hook up. I was wondering if a SATA to IDE controller would be an OK route to go, especially since it seems to be the route I can go.
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  1. Since this works off the PCI slot, don't you think it would run slower than a SATA to IDE converter.
  2. List what other options you are contemplating.
  3. There are IDE to SATA connector thingys for HDDs :P


    u basically just plug it into your IDE HDD and hook it up to sata but those are all the different devices (all i did was IDE to Sata) in search bar
  4. I was going to suggest the PCI IDE controller also. I don't know how much difference there would be between a controller and SATA to IDE adapter.
  5. No matter what he does he'll be limited to the speed of the slowest component in the system, the harddrive. PCI is quite capable of handling that. For example, the onboard controller is on the PCI bus. The SATA adapters are for one device at a time while the IDE controller can handle 4 devices. Add that to the 2 devices the onboard controller is capable of and you will have more than enough IDE for the foreseeable future. Sorry, I thought it was a no-brainer.
  6. I have the IDE to SATA converters on one of my current rigs...they work fine, and I have no problem with it....however Ive never done a speed test on the drives.
  7. only 1 card to purchase - not 1 for each drive...
    probably save you a few bucks on shipping as well as deffinately save $$ on overall cost

    if you have a free PCI slot - i *personally* think this is the best option

    PCI IDE controller has my vote - but if you want to buy the converters - ive never heard anyone speak ill of them
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