Windows 2003 SP1 and 2TB raid

hey people i need some help

and i dont know if this is more of annoyance or if it can be fixed

ok i have a box that i have installed windows 2003 enterprise on
then i upgrade to sp1 and latest updates right away after fresh install
no raid drivers or software installed

the raid is a raid 0 Basic disk

then i install the raid drivers and software and i can see my 1.3 TB drive raid 0 in device manager

my problem is when i go to migrate the raid array to add another drive to make it 1.8TB, it shows 1.8 in the raid software but when i go into device manager it only shows 1.3 and then unallocated space for the rest of the drive i added.

is this normal and i have fixed it with a 3rd party partitioning program but shouldnt windows see the drive after its been added.

any help is appreciated
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  1. Expanding a RAID array is a 2-step process.

    First, you use your RAID hardware to do an Online Capacity Expansion (OCE), also called Migration by some manufacturers. This expands the logical volume.

    After this step, Disk Manager will see what you saw. The original partition is still on the disk, with now unpartitioned space afterwards.

    Second, you must expand the NTFS partition with Windows. Windows XP and Server 2003 can do this with the DISKPART command-line utility.
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