I have a question. Is that Killer Networks NIC card worth the cash? Does it really speed up performace. Thanks just wondering. Pretty steep in price.
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  1. No... it's not worth the cash. Check out some of the other threads about this NIC for details (it's making a lot of waves).
  2. Yep. Not worth it. Don't bother with em'. Standard NIC work absoultely fine...And are cheaper too.
  3. Why do I have the strange feeling to have read segomo's post somewhere else :heink: :

    I don't really see many reasons why someone would register on lot of forums only to praise the qualities of the Killer NIC ... maybe except if you were working for Bigfoot and try to give a better image of the product :sarcastic:

    EDIT: And the fact the website is promoting only sells the killer NIC and two other products is surely a coincidence, isn't it.

    EDIT2: Thanks to the moderators to have removed segomo's spam ;)
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