X1800XT 512 and C2D improvement?

Hey everyone.
Also posted in the CPU section. Feedback will be appreciated.

As I've posted before, the upgrade bug has struck for no apparent reason.

As you can see from the sig, I'm running a 3500+@2.3, 1 gig mem, and X1800XT 512 (OCd when I play Oblivion, stock for everything else). I know this is still a decent gaming setup, though hardly top of the line now a day. According to most benchmarks, the X1800XT OCd doesn't get beat by many cards (except the 8800s), and when it does, not by much (again, except the 8800s). If I did upgrade, I'd probably keep the VGA card for a while, probably at least another 6-12 months.

My question is, if I were to upgrade to a C2 4300 with 2 gigs of memory and OC the sucker, would I even notice much of an improvement in the games I play?

Obviously, I would notice in the video encoding department, but what about in game? If I did upgrade, would the improvement even remotely come close to justifying the expense (I would probably turn my 3500+ system into an HTPC and drop in my old 6600gt)?

Here's what I play mainly:
Oblivion at 10x7 High settings with 2AA+HDR
Rome/Medieval Total War (would like to get Medieval II)
BF2 12x9 max
Probably going to get Battlestations Midway and Supreme Commander.

Any feedback would be appreciated.
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  1. Oblivion seems to be a little cpu bound even at high resolutions, so you would see some improvement. and raise that resolution please :wink: , at native you hardly need AA.

    Ps: 2Gb of ram would help even more
  2. Sure.
    Looks as if it usualy falls within the mid-range X2's, yet your mainboard will be the worthy upgrade. It's been said to overclock very well.

    Who doesn't need more ram? Where you play BF2 and Oblivion, I'd get another gig.
  3. You might see somewhat of an improvement. It's not worth upgrading the CPU (unless for like a PIII) for gaming.

    I recommend saving money for a new build.
  4. Quote:
    You might see somewhat of an improvement. It's not worth upgrading the CPU (unless for like a PIII) for gaming.

    I recommend saving money for a new build.

    Better idea
  5. Yup, the 1GB to 2GB upgrade would smooth things out a bit in some games. (BF2 for instance) Otherwise it's not a good upgrade when just considering games. Shoot, if he had an 8800GTX or dual high end cards, then I'd say go for it, but with a single X1800XT, I say no.
  6. fps increase? I didn't really notice that myself. Just seemed to smooth out the framerates in some games. But I was trying to agree with you on the mem and was refering to the CPU when I said nope to the upgrade.
  7. Thanks for the replies.

    The point of getting the 4300 would be to OC it as high as possible.
  8. My advice: Don't upgrade.
  9. I haven't read all of the responses to this. But I don't believe the performance benifits you will get from upgrading to a C2D will be worth the $300 it costs for a mobo + CPU.
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