Heh, really need help with D-Link router.

Hey guys i just bought a D-Link dI-624 and it is really giving me trouble

I have my connections like this (and all the appropriate lights are on)
Router > modem
Router > pc1
Pc2 (wireless network card inside, compatible with router) > wirelessly to router.
modem *via usb* > PC1.

The second computer allows me to login to the page via
but PC1 which is actually the server doesn't...which is weird cos i'm meant to login from the server...
PC2 is picking up the wireless network created by the router...but there is no internet connection? what in hell is going on?

desperate desperate need for help guys..been overall working on this crap for about 10hours now..with help from somebody who knows more than me.. please :D ty.

edit* by the way..this may be simpler than it looks, because this is my first attempt at setting up a network of any kind.. user friendly my ass
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  1. Why are you using USB? Doesn't your pc1 have a nic?
  2. Your modem should be connected via ethernet to the WAN port of your router. The computer PC1 should be connected via ethernet to the LAN ports of your router.
    It is easier to configure the wired than the wireless. Leave the wireless for last.
  3. Hey thanks for the attention buddy, seem to have been left all alone for a while. But, i fixed it, and of course, you were right. I was the idiot who trusted the computer shop to install my MOBO drivers for me, but no. They took the easy way out and installed only the essentials, my integrated network card was NOT installed, and when it did, boom.. it worked.. oh my.. waste of 2days. Thank you to all viewers, would prefer more replies in future queries :D good day.
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