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MSI KT4 Ultra "bluetooth ready"??

Last response: in Wireless Networking
December 1, 2003 11:30:45 PM

I've had my "bluetooth enabled" motherboard for a while now and have recently tried to get this bluetooth ready gear to work.. however after a bit of digging it seems that i would need an aerial (i assumed it was built into the motherboard or bracket) this is only as far as I can tell, if nay one wants to enlighten me id appreciate it. The MSI sites have been redesigned so they no longer work, and they barely register the existence of my motherboard, i did get teh FISR version with gigabit lan sata etc. and the bluetooth bracket is installed (althought the connecting pins were 5*2 and the pins on the board were 1 row of 3 and one row of 4, so the connector that switches between plugging in the extra USB and the bluetooth hangs over when in the JBT2 pins.
Anyway, if i have to buy a usb dongle just to get this to work why did i need "bluetooth enabled" in the first place? surely just a normal USB port would have dne exactly the same? If anyone else has any idea what im talking about please give me a hand :)  I havn't a clue, is it just so I wouldnt have to buy a seperate daughterboard when I want bluetooth? Help!
December 2, 2003 4:33:42 PM

From MSI's site:
" "Bluetooth Ready" means the motherboard has JBT1 or JBT2 exclusively for MS-6968 Bluetooth Transceiving Module. However, you can always have Bluetooth functionality for any non-"Bluetooth Ready" motherboard by using any Bluetooth USB devices such as MS-6967 Bluetooth Transceiving Key as long as you have a free USB1.1/2.0 port. a. MS-6967 (bluetooth tranceiving key) is not included in any MSI motherboard bundle, it is sold seperately as a single package. b. MS-6968 (bluetooth tranceiving module) is an option parts to be included in some MSI motherboard models. This is under the assumption that the user has other bluetooth device such as mobile phone or printer. "

(Look at the pictures first)

Ok, I have almost the same motherboard, yours is a step up from mine.
Here's the deal, those pins are so you can buy MSI's bluetooth adapter, plug it into your PCI slot (in the picture from that last link) and sling that attenna out.
You basically bought into MSI's line of Bluetooth technology. You'll have to buy their attenna to connect *Multiple* bluetooth devices together. If you have one, you won't need that Bluetooth ready option.

I personally like the motherboard, but MSI's site has gone to site and the misspellings are getting annoying, especially in the latest BIOS.