My neighbours are intruding my wifi security enabled network

Hi Guys,

Is there anyone out there to help me how to secure my wifi network? I have a D-Link DSL-G604T wireless router. I have enabled WEP security, but I have noticed that there are intruders by seeing MAC ID list.

My bill is running high every month though i do not use it much.

Is there anyway to block them?

Please help!

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  1. Maybe they just found out your password. Try changing it to something really tough. Like using numbers, small and big letters...and make it at least 10 letters long. See what happens. bye
  2. Thanks, i use a ten digit password and they do not know. They might have cracked and is there anyway to intrude those users and tell them they are using my internet.

    Thanks for the help

  3. Quote:
    Is there anyway to block them?

    Use WPA or WPA2 instead of WEP.

  4. More options:

    Turn off your radio/access point/modem.
    Turn on MAC address filtering.
    Change your WEP password frequently if WPA isn't available. May be time to upgrade access points if it isn't.
  5. You can also turn noff the broadcasting of your SSID and change it. That way they'll not know what your new one is and can't connect to it because it ain't shown!
  6. Please set password for wifi router. Method for setting password==> open internet explorer-> (type) (press enter) you can loging to the router setup directly. then go to security options in the router setup. Thank you
  7. Those people! they are breaking the law and mean thats stealing! gosh you think people would have some respect.
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