Nvidia 7600gt causing artifacts in games

Just recently my XFX 7600gt has been causing terrible discoloration and artifacts in both counter strike source and call of duty 2. While everything else besides gaming works fine, it seems that any modern games I play cause these strange new occurrences. I took a screenshot to help to explain the situation, however when I paisted the PrintScrn into mspaint it appeared normal. Could this mean my video card is broken or possibly my power supply? I have all the current drivers. Thanks.
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  1. If you are having these problems in games it could be the video card. You can try a benchmark like 3dmark06 and see if it also has artifacts. What are the specs on your power supply? Have you contacted XFX or hit up their website?
  2. My power supply is a Thermaltake TR2-430W and it is fairly new so I dont beleive it could be that. Also, my processor is overclocked. Could this contribute to the video card's poor performance?
  3. there was a similar post on here earlier today and he backed off his overclock and the artifacts went away. Try that out. Also what are your CPU and GPU temps?
  4. Were any changes made to your system before this started to happen? Please start a support ticket at www.xfxforce.com and then PM me the number. Have you tried different driver version with this card? It could be the power supply but sounds more like a video card or RAM problem. If you have multiple sticks or RAM try one at a time to see if this helps.

    XFX Support
  5. Try with Driver Cleaner, i had a problem like this on my old Ti4800. I removed the drivers in add remove programs, and put new drivers, but i have this problem. Remove drivers, restart computer, remove rest of $hit with driver cleaner, and install new. Try with 93.71(WHQL). If that doesn't help, its broken.
  6. I've found this to often be the case with manufacture overclocked cards.
  7. I recently tried plugging my monitor into the other unused DVI port only to find that the entire port is messed up. All the colors diplayed on the monitor are completely wrong and they twitch constantly. So basically only one of the two ports works. I also tried playing some older games such as counter strike 1.6 and my graphics card works perfectly for them. Could it possibly only have issues with directx9 games? Also I uninstalled/reinstalled the forceware drivers but the problems still occur.
  8. did you install latest direct x 9.0c?
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