Best Power supplies on the Market - Post them here.

PC Power And Cooling - TURBO-COOL® 1KW-SR
* 1KW Continuous (1.1KW peak) @ 50°C
* Fits Std. ATX Cases (20" min. depth)
* +12VDC @ 72A/80A pk (Huge Single Rail)
* High Effiencicy (83%) with .98 PFC
* Rock-Solid, Super-Clean DC Output
* Amazingly Quiet Cooling System
* 24-pin, Dual 8-pin, 4-pin M/B Connectors
* Quad PCI-E and 15 Drive Connectors
* NVIDIA® SLI™/ATI CrossFire™ Certified
* Individual 14-point Certified Test Report
* 5-Year Warranty; Unbeatable Support


I made this thread to see some other highend brands, that maybe others havent seen. Have Fun and post away. :)
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  1. Ohh nice one, didnt see that thread i havent been around in a while. Sorry.
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