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Hey everyone. A friend of mine is really into graphical design and wants to build a great graphical design computer. He asked my advice, now I can build him a good PC, but he asked me about macs. I don't know jack about macs. Can you install mac os x on any regular PC? I looked at one mac for like 2200$ and it doesn't even come close to my rig that I paid 1700$ (CAD) I mean the mac is using a 7300GT. This could be a nightmare, especially for someone who doesn't know much about macs. What do you all think, and why are macs supposed to be good for graphical design, is it just the os?
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  1. Just get him a PC. And no, you can't install osx on a pc.
    Macs suck
  2. Quote:
    ...and why are macs supposed to be good for graphical design, is it just the os?

  3. Sure you can. I am typing this message on a PC with Mac OS X 10.4.8 installed. It's not as slick as using a regular Mac, but it works.

    As for the OP, now-a-days - it really doesn't matter anymore. Personal preference, really. Used to be that Macs ruled the graphics world, but really the PC can do most of that now.

    The UI of Mac OS though is a bit easier to use for a novice using the computer in a task-oriented way. Personally, I think they just put more thought into the UI than so some (and I realize this is a huge generalization) Windows-based programs.

    All in all, it really depends on the program if his needs are that specific...
  4. I know quite a few people that do graphics design professionally, they all use Macs. Why? Dunno. But if your friend wants to join that club, better get a Mac.

    Maybe you and he (she?) can visit a real design studio and find out what they are using and why.,..
  5. No words to describe how much I agree with you..

    I've used macs and pc's..My brother has a cutting edge Macpro with 8 gigs of ram. Thing is a god damn monster...

    Overall it's all personal preference nate...Macs have a much more stable operating system and it has a easier interface as bigbad stated...Also, Macs cost to much cash..So if you can get a lot more for your money on the pc sides then putting it into a mac.

    The choice is all up to you...Either choice is good...Both Solid computers....just a trade off though for...A cost effective powerful pc...or a more costly mac which is still a good choice...OSX speaks for itself..

    BTW..Bigbad...Is it only since Mac made the switch to intel processors that you've been able to pop Mac OSX on a pc?...Also is it dual os bootable?..If so I need to install it myself...My bros mac is killer and I want more experience on the mac side..So it would help. ^_^
  6. From what u understand, Macs used to be the shizznit for gfx work due to their great s/ware and h/ware pairing, plus the fact that for the longest time PC users had really bad gfx apps.

    These days i think its a level playing field, with most exp. users staying with Macs cos its what they know, and new users going with Macs cos the exp. ppl are using them. :lol: :lol: :lol:

    If the work is gonna need some power, like vid rendering, PC will get u MUCH better power/$. As for the apps, unless there is a specific app u need to use, whether its for work or shcool, IMHO a PC would be a much better choice.

    Also... depends on exactly WHAT gfx work ur friend will do, but a GOOD lcd is very important. Mac does make good lcd's.
  7. Thanks everyone that really helps. Yeah I guess I knew a bit more than I thought. I though that macs used to be really good, then when I looked at the hardware of one the other day, I couldn't see why it would be any better than a PC and the price difference is significant. But I guess that's the way of it, once you got the good name, you can milk it for a while even if it isn't that true anymore. He's looking to save some cash, so I might recommend the PC to him.
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