Pokemon Colosseum: Please help. Where is the DNA machine?

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At the Dark Pokemon Lab, I've got all three DNA samples. But I could not
find the DNA machine to identify the three pokemons. Please help. Where is
the DNA machine?
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  1. Archived from groups: alt.games.nintendo.pokemon (More info?)

    Once down the main elevator.. straight.. thru the double doors, follow
    the corridor, left, down the elevator, right, left and then right (only
    ways to possibly go other than a "forward" thru another set of double
    doors). it's the elevator all the way to the right..


    After you identify the DNA.. you can see which they are by clicking on
    them in your item box. You'll need to know them later.

    Finish at the machine and head back.. take the elevator next to the one
    you stepped out of..and get ready to ruuuummmble!

    I'm thrilled to report.. Hubby bought me yet another disk (having lost
    the first one).. and wouldn't you know the original turned up a day
    later! Nice to have a backup copy 8-)

    Interesting side-note.. we had started the game over since I missed a
    snag that wasn't repeatable (1)... but saved some of the better purified
    'mon to Ruby. My first Quagsire(M) has the ability "water absorb" .. in
    the second game (playing it now).. my Quagsire(F) has the ability
    I love the fact that the "loss" of the original disk didn't mean all my
    hard work had gone to waste.. since the info was saved to the memory
    card. Hopefully I'll now get to catch Ho-Oh!

    (1)the subway scene doesn't repeat itself unlike any other spot.. so I
    missed catching Stantler (fainted him and didn't think to hit
    "reset")... I played for a while and he never popped up elsewhere.

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