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Hi, I read a post on a forum somewhere about a guy who set up a wireless AP that was isolated from his network and had the thing set to broadcast malware to anyhow who connected to it. I know my neighbors have been stealing my wireless (I have had reasons for keeping it unsecured although I can now secure it again). Since it is illegal for them to connect to my network, would it be legal to distribute malware? I would think that I have plausible deniablity as to if I intentionally infected them. Just wondering if I can do this...
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  1. im no law expert but from what ive heard thats just one of those gray areas. If you want go ahead i would be mad if they were stealling my network connection.
  2. If you have a device that cant use WEP/WPA etc just enable/use MAC Address filtering on your accesspoing (if it can). That should keep them out without using wireless security.
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