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hey all. I have a question. When playing games at what resolution does it switch to become more graphics card intensive then processor? cause my monitor is 1680x1050 resolution and I want to play oblivion at really high detail. if i turn down the resolution a bit will it still then be cpu dedicated? cause i got an E6400 overclocked to 3.0. and i am willing to go to 3.2 if need be. my graphics card is an x1900xt. i heard that if you change a few things oblivion will take advantage of dual core. So what would offer the smoothest gaming at the highest possible settings (highest without becoming super choppy).
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    The higher the resolution, the less load on the CPU. But make sure the video card can handle it.
    The load doesn't decrease on the CPU, simply the load on the GPU increases. Often, both increase except the stress on the GPU increases more.
  2. uhh alright thanks. i guess that helps
  3. worrying about something like this is like worrying about whether or not dick cheney will be the next president
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