CPU fan stuck on full speed...help please

ok, it started of with me being bored and wanted to make something...so i decided to get an old cpu fan and put led lights on it. It was all fine and i double check it all for touching wires and stuff like that. When i hooked it up in my computer it worked, but when i went to tuck all the wires away, i heard a small "pop" and then the fan started spinning at full speed :( i didnt do anything unusual to the fan except that the wires for the plug broke, so i figured no big deal, ill just solder them back together and wrap it with electrical tape.

I tried the other cpu fan hoping that it would work but that one spun up at full speed too......i tried changing the speed in the program speedfan but it didnt work, so now im stuck with a really loud fan. Could the problem be that possibly one of the plug wires touched and shorted something on the motherboard or would it be something else? i reallly dont want to have to buy a new motherboard......Any help would be great. Thanks
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  1. There is one way to test the motherboard fan headers. Get another fan and see if you can control it through the BIOS or Windows settings, whichever you use. If you can't and you get the same results, then its probably your mobo headers. On the other hand, it sounds like you burnt a resistor on your fan allowing full current to pass through and make it spin full speed. Either case, you need to buy another fan to test it!
  2. i actually did try another fan and it does the same thing. i mentioned that but i guess i didnt make it clear enough......so i guess that would mean its the motherboard right? is there anything i could to to test the mobo or should i just like take it apart and look for burnt resistors or capacitors etc.
  3. you can always a fan regulator
    I got his system on my zalman 9500
  4. actually i kinda made my own lol. its doesnt work perfectly though so if i cant find the money for a new mobo then i guess ill just buy a good fan controller. its just that i really dont like knowing my motherboard has a problem with it and im just covering it up with a fan regulator....
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