W2K3 RRAS P2P Tunnel w/ 3rd Party Appliances

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I've looked into the Celestix product line. Not exactly Small Busines
pricing minded. I can put a Server in at the remote location cheaper than
I was hoping a SOHO FW/VPN device like a Linksys or Watchguard or something
similar $300ish would interoperate with the Windows Server RRAS. Without
having a product to actually try, and not able to find any documentation
supporting implementation practices, or success stories, I'm left to either
buy and try, or hope someone in the groups can provide some of their
personal experiences.

I've done alot with CheckPoint NG AI in the past, and even with that line it
always seemed there was a certificate or negotiation situation with "other"
manufacture products that hindered implementing them as a solution. Even in
the way the configurable settings actually binded phase I and phase II

So as stated, I'm looking for anyone with actual experiece trying something
like this. Failed attempt stories might solidify that it may be more work
than it's worth, consideirng client RAS is currently working.

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  1. Archived from groups: microsoft.public.win2000.security (More info?)

    A few questions:

    1.) How much money are you willing to spend?
    2.) How many users do you have?
    3.) If your client RAS is working and without server degradation, why
    do you need to install an appliance?
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