microATX mobo supported by RedHat and FreeBSD?

I'm looking to buy or build a small footprint computer for use with Red Hat and FreeBSD. If anyone would care to recommend a motherboard or even a system from someone like Shuttle/MSI/AOpen I'd appreciate it. I'd like to do AMD64, at least one gig of ram (maybe 2), supported wifi, USB, 100-base-T and decent graphics. I'm hopeful I can do this in small format without a heat problem.This will be a portable LAMP server..I'm not gaming with it. AMD would be nice cause it's usually a few hundred cheaper to implement. I plan to drop drives in and out so it should be easy to open and support sata/eide. Thanks.
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  1. The only motherboards I know of that are compatible with FreeBSD are Soyo Motherboards.
    You can get a good deal on Ebay. New they are too expensive.
    There are a lot of motherboards compatible with Linux.
    Check Red Hat hardware comptibility lists or other Linux hardware sites.
    Or just run a LiveCD on the system you wish to install Red Hat on.
  2. The way you phrase this I think you are talking about FreeBSD and motherboards in general. I've used this OS since release 2.1.5 in 1996. I have installed FreeBSD on hundred of machines as firewalls, routers and gateways, laptops, high load name servers, SAMBA and app servers, web servers, etc. Brands like Intel, IBM, compaq, gateway, dell, asus, msi. It's very rare that FreeBSD doesn't support the hardware I'm on. Usually it's something like sound that I don't use or waste time on figuring out the driver issues. I've occasionally had a new NIC not work correctly. Moving to a -STABLE release almost always gets me running. My post is about newer AMD uATX boards that run with BSD. I need something small, fast and relatively cheap I can deploy today..since these are newer boards I ask to be sure they work out of the box. In the amd64 part of the FreeBSD support forums there are over 90 amd64 boards listed. But none are SFF.
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