Can't flash bios

I have an Asus p5n32-e sli plus mobo and can no longer flash the bios.
I have been trying to flash my bios using the asus ezflash and can't get it to work. I do everything like always, downloading the file and then using the ezflash. EZflash says "Bios image format is correct" but when I press Flash I get "Fail to reserve DMI data in eeprom" It does this no matter what bios version I try 502 or 601.

I have re-installed EZflash and it still will not work.
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  1. Try using a floppy disk and flashing.
    You may have a jumper on the motherboard protecting the Bios from being altered.
    Check your manual.
  2. I was able to flash it last week-no prob. Guess I will have to find a floppy drive and give that a try.
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