Liteon 20x SATA compatibility?

For my new computer, I'm thinking about getting a Liteon LH-20A1s, a SATA burner. The motherboard I'm thinking about now has an ICH8R, and I will be running it in RAID mode.

Will this cause a problem? Tthe burner is pretty new so I wasn't able to find any info about this...
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  1. im sure it wouldnt give you a problem if you dont set the dvd burner in raid haha. ( i dont think you can actually... )

    unless... you dont have any sata connectors on your board.. which is a problem within itself.
  2. Guess I should've mentioned I'm planning on getting the Gigabyte DQ6, so 6 SATA ports off the ICH8R and 2 from a "Gigabyte SATA" controller, maybe that would work if the ICH8R gives problems.
  3. anyone know if the evga 680i works with sata optical drives? Is there any big difference between an pata and sata drive at 20x? I know sata is a faster interface but anyone have on-hands experience?
  4. There is no difference in speed between IDE and SATA optical drives. Optical drives can't fully use the bandwith of IDE. The only difference is you get rid of ugly ribbon cables.
  5. Should be no problem. I have the DQ6. I have 2 paires of HDD on the Intel Sata ports, A SATA plextor 755SA and I just installed a Samsung Sata 183L - both on the JMicron Sata ports. I'm using the only IDE port for a removable IDE HDD.

    E6400 clocked to 3.2 GHz
    2 Gigs of Corsair DDR2 6400 1::1 with 400 Mz Bus
    AIW 2006 Graphics card - not a Gamer.
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