Help? Which to upgrade?

I have 3 rigs and the slowest one consist's of the following:

Socket 478 Abit V7 Mobo
Intel Celeron D 2.8ghz 256 kb cache, 512 mhz fsb, (OC'D TO 3.6 GHZ) :)
Nvidia 5700 ultra 128mb AGP
1gig OCZ DDR 400 value series Memory
hard drive,dvd burner,etc,etc

All the major stuff is listed for my main question. I play CSsource constantly and had the Intel Celery runnin at stock speeds. I figured I would gain a few FPS by overclocking the sh*t out of it. Now its at 3.6 stable cause 3.8 was giving the BSOD. Well at stock the game was coming in at between 15-35 FPS. With the overclock of both CPU (3.6) and vidcard I only gained 10 more fps! WTF! Okay I understand this rig is not exactly a game killer but it should fair decent. Getting straight to the point I know again that overall the build is slow but by upgrading to a faster AGP card be more benificial or would the CPU gain more advantage? Which is the bottlneck? I know they both are but which one is worse? Everyones opinion is much appreciated. I can only affored to do one upgrade.

P.S. My in-game settings for CSsource are at 1156x864 and even going to 800x600 gains me only about 5 FPS more.
Shader is on LOW
Shadows High (no difference when changed to low)

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  1. You will see a bigger difference with the GPU than the CPU. A 10fps gain isn't bad within the 30fps range. A X1950Pro would give you a very significant gain.
  2. I agree with mr. blacken. When upgrading your GPU, you also need to look at your PSU. What are your PSU specs?
  3. The PSU is 420watts. Generic but nothing a few bucks cant upgrade. I was allready on the path to upgrading it but i'll figure it out once I know what type of GPU to get.
  4. Whats your price range? A X1950pro is the AGP King as of right now. A X1650XT/7600GT/7800GS is also something to consider as well.
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