Networking Woes

Oh please make it stop :(

ok, let me see if I can explain this clearly....


Network Boxes
(1) Desktop PC - runs Windows XP Pro
(1) Desktop PC - runs Windows ME
(1) Laptop PC - tuns windows XP Home
(1) ReplayTV
(1) Playstation 2

Network Hardware
(1) Microsoft MN-500 802.11b Wireless, 4 Port Router
(1) Microsoft MN-150 5 Port switch

The Setup

````````````````````````Cable Modem```````````````````````
```````````````MN-500 Wireless Router(Located in HO)```````
```````````````//```````````||``````````` \\```````````````
````````````Port 1`````WinXP HOME``````Port 2``````````````
``````````WIN ME PC`````Laptop```MN-150 Switch(Family Room)
``````````````````````````````````````````|| (Uplink Port)`
````````````````````````````````__________||___________```` ```````````````````````````````//`````````||``````````\\```
````````````````````````````Port 1`` `````Port2```````Port3
``````````````````````````WIN XP Pro PC``ReplayTV`````PS2``

The Problem
The problem is in File and Printer Sharing. All network boxes are able to access the internet and surf/download/play happily. However, when I attempt to access network shares on the WIN ME PC, wired directly to the router, from the WIN XP Pro PC I recieve a unable to access network/contact admin error. The same is true for accessing the WIN XP Pro machine from the Win ME PC. The WIN XP Home Laptop, connected to the network wirelessly, is capable of sharing files with any network box in either direction. I am able to ping the WIN ME machine from the WIN XP Pro machine's IPs without problem. I can not, however, run a successful ' net view WINXPPro Name' from teh Win ME machine, or vise-versa.

OK, lets deepen the plot. If I remove the WIN XP Pro PC from the switch and connect it wirelessly to the network, with a USB adpapter, I can access all network shares and all network shares can access it. Further, If I take the switch out of the picture and plug the WIN Xp Pro machine directly to the router all remaining network resources are accessible in all directions.

The Question

So what is goign on here? How can I go about hooking my network boxes back up in the way shown about and still be able to acesss each device?

I have done many-a-searches with no luck.

I'm sorry about the length of the post. Thanks for any help you guys, and gals, can give me.:)
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  1. Try disabling the Windows XP firewall and reinstall File and Printer sharing, make sure your ME computer is completely up-to-date.
    Try pinging, try connecting by IP address, or using the \\(computername)\C or C$

  2. riser,

    Thanks for the help!

    I'm do not have the MS firewall, or any firewall for that matter, running on the XP machine. File and Printer sharing is in good shape and pinging is in order.

    Any other ideas? I'm fresh out. I guess I can try another switch. Maybe this one is defective or something?
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