The step about installing window NT in DOS

What is the step about installing window NT in the Dos, or any WEB SITE you recommended?
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  1. Not sure what you mean. If you are saying that you don't have the 3 setup floppies and want to run setup from a DOS prompt, well:

    A:\cd d: *this is your CDROM I assume
    d:\cd i386
    d:\i386 winnt.exe /b

    [*depending on the DOS floppy you are using, you may get an error screen (black DOS screen with writing at top) stating something like "blah blah blah to protect your long file names blah blah". Only if this error happens, follow next steps.
    After rebooting, type this:
    a:\lock c:
    either works I think.]

    Then reboot & all will be fine.



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