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So if anyone can give me a clue how off the mark I am here, I would appreciate it. This is the fourth system I have built, so i think I understand what I must at this point, but I would like to reconfirm it. Anyway:
Antec Performance One p180B Black 0.8 Cold Rolled Steel - $125
Samsung 941BW Black 19" 4ms DVI Widescreen LCD - $189
Hiper HPU-4k530-ms atx 12v 530 w - $79
EVGA 8800GTS 640MB PCI-e 16x -= 389
Gskill 2gb ddr2 800 pc2 6400 - $179
e6600 conroe 2.4 ghz - $315
Asus p5b-e lga 775 intel p965 express atx - $150

just shy of 1600 after tax and shipping

thanks for your thoughts
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  1. The Hiper 530w has 28a, just enough for evga 8800gtx:

    But not BFG 8800GTX, so if you upgrade to 8800gtx, get the evga.

    For 5 bucks more, you can get the Hiper 580w 30a psu:

    Dump the cpu hsf if you don't overclock. It looks like you do.
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