How much is my PC worth?

Hello, my name is chris and im trying to sell my computer. Its and alienware desktop pc, intel core i7 cpu 860@ 2.8GHz, 16 gig DDR3 ram, 800 gig hard drive space, radion 4870 graphix card, its a gigabyte mother board, ive got a heat sync fan, and its all running on windows 7 alienware edition. please let me know what its worth. thank you very much
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  1. Quote:
    ive got a heat sync fan

    With the heat sync fan it's worth a lot.
  2. It's a midgradechip on a midgrade board with a midgrade gpu and it's used. I have a client who just got a Dell i7 920 with 1 gig of ram(the seller had removed the standard four and then put one gig in) 9800 gtx (about the same as your ati)with a 24" monitor keyboard mouse and printer for $400. This is NOT typical(she got it from a pawn shop). You do have a ton of ram but atm you can get 16 gigs of gskill for sub 150.
    On the upside it has the Alienware name, which, to some people means something. If this is an actual Heatsync case it would add probably 5-600. I'm thinking that it isn't and your looking @ 6-900 depending on how quick you want to get rid of it. I'm thinking that you mispelled heat sink? As Heatsync (name brand) is noted for silent htpc rigs and you clearly list a low-mid level gaming rig. BTW there's no fan on earth that would add substantial value to any system.
    Probably not what you wanted to hear if you have a link to pict's of the case I could tell you in 2 secs whether or not you have an actual Heatsync.

  3. Just the box, £350 on E-bay, minus seller and paypal fees no problem!
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