Mother board won't post boot

I have a problem. I have tried just about everything that I can do. They’re no beeps, no buzzing, no POST,
No signal to video or unusual sounds. But fans are getting power. Everything is disconnected hard drive, memory, sub ports all drives the only things I have hooked up is power which the 4 pin plug IS plugged in and cpu and ram. Still NO post or video nor any sounds of all. I would take an educated guest that it could be memory or mother board problem. Have any suggestions?

Dan :cry:
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  1. Try reseating the CPU, memory, and unplug any power to your floppy (if you have one). If available try a different power supply or at least reseat the connectors. Also when reseating the connectors look inside the housing to make sure no pins got bent to the side. Same with the CPU.

    A little more to go on might help. :)
  2. Hey! I have done All that was suggested still NO post boot and NO video.
  3. Try a new power supply. Also do a cmos reset and try to boot the mobo outside the case. Also try putting the ram in diff slot or even booting without ram to see if it boots.If that doesn`t work also , i am sorry to say but you have a bad mobo
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