how to host a game, voice service or anything else on router

hi , ive always had a problem, using two computers on a router, sharing the cable internet, i could never host a game, or host a ventrillo becuse the people on the other side wouldnt see my game/server, i could of course see it myself on my second comp, but to no avail for my friends.

I was wondering , i dont use wireless btw, if there was a new improved router i could just buy, that doesnt have such difficulties, or if there was a simple program i could buy to fix it or some simple settings to fix it.

I appreicate all those who respond i thank you for your time.
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  1. You need to forward the port in the router settings that the game uses to communicate with the clients. Your other computer could see you because its on the same network. Anyone on the internet is on a different 'network'. Look in the manual for your router on how to forward the correct port and to what IP address to forward it to.
    Its also a good idea to set the server computer to a static IP address so it wont change.
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