4400 X2 to Opteron 170 swap. OC'ing results...

Started with a 4400 X2. (939)

OC'd to a max of 2.5 @ 1.5 volts with no errors reporting on either core. (Using SSE3DNow SoakMP test)

Stock cooling, A8N-SLI-SE.

Bought new A8R32-MVP Deluxe.

Same CPU ran at a max of 2.6 @ 1.5 with no errors.

Just bought new Opty 170 (2GHz 1MB x 2)

Loads to desktop at 3.0Ghz @ 1.44 volts, but generates errors :(

Stable at 2.9GHz @ 1.4 volts :) Stock cooling.

Not bad for $240 CAN. Not a bad choice for someone looking to upgrade their 939 CPU.
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  1. What's your setup for that opteron ? 290x10 ? 322x9? and u set memory to 133? What about ht? What's the stepping on the thing? Why can u go 2.9 when I can only 2.65 stable (at 46C under load)
  2. Optrons are the way to go.
    I have some Optron 146's on DFI motherboards running 2.950Ghz (950Mhz OC) on stock 1.35 volts.
    All systems stable in 12 hour tests.

    I use PC Powercooling 510-ASL,G.Skill ram and Thermalright SI-120 coolers all set in CoolerMaster cases.
    CPU's run 2C over room temps with Silverstone FM-121 fans for cooler and rear of case (fan grill on case's removed for 100% airflow).

    Last time I looked around OEM 146 was $69 USD.

    939 is far from being a dead platform!
  3. Setup is 292 now x 10 = 2938MHz

    Ram limited to 133. Ends up running at 394. 2 x 1GB generic PC400. 1T Command, 8 beats. NOTE: 8 beats made a HUGE difference in my rating in Vista.

    HT is at 400. 600 works, but for some reason I can't soft restart at 600. Only posts from a cold boot.

    Bumped the volts to 1.475 as I ran into some instability at 1.4. Runs great now.

    I tried 300 x 9.5 (2860) so my RAM would run at 400, instead of 394, but my ATI driver sometimes crapped out.

    Funny thing is, its perfect at 2938, but generates errors at 3000. Even at 1.55v. Oh well, close enough :)
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