GeForce 8900 # Shader Processors? Geforce 8600 3Dmark06!

ok here is some info about the next nvidia cards :)
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GeForce 8900 Has 160 Shader Processors?

INQ reports that GeForce 8900 GTX has more shaders and this will speed up some of the games and definitely in the "scientific" GPGPU calculations. The card still has the same G80, 90nm core but NVIDIA might be veiling some info. The card will be announced just in time to spoil the ATI's fun with R600 launch.

Nvidia GeForce 8600 series will launch in the middle of 2Q

Nvidia is preparing to launch a series of GeForce 8600 cards in the middled of the second quarter 2007 to help satisfy the increasing demand for DirectX 10 supporting graphics cards caused by Windows Vista, according to market sources. The GeForce 8600 series will be priced to target mainstream markets, the sources add.
According to the release plan several versions are currently being prepared, the sources claim. The GeForce 8600 GT with 512MB memory will be priced between US$219 and US$229, while a 256MB version will be available at US$199. Additionally, targeting an even lower price point will be the GeForce 8600GS at between US$159 and US$165, the sources have revealed.
DirectX 10 graphics cards will be the main focus for both Nvidia and AMD (who is now a player in the graphics card market after the acquisition of ATI) at the upcoming CeBIT trade show to be held from March 15 to 21, 2007, according to industry sources. The above mentioned cards from Nvidia are expected to be shown alongside the company's already released GeForce 8800 series, while AMD is predicted to use the event to debut its own Direct X 10 cards which will include the high-end R600 model along with the R630 and R610 aimed at mainstream at low-end markets, the according to the sources.

G84, Geforce 8600 to score 4500 in 3Dmark 06
Core scores at 80 nanometre
NVIDIA'S Geforce 8600 cards, based on the G84 die, should score about 4500 points in famous 3Dmark06. This mainstream card will go into production in March or April time and it will still use the 128-bit memory interface.
The card is of course DirectX 10 compatible and with it Nvidia will beat ATI to market in this sub-$200 market segment. This card will compete ATI's Radeon X2600 cards also known as RV630s.
Our little source also told us that this Nvidia card has 160 square mm die and compared to ATI's 65 nanometre competitor it will end up bigger. We don’t know about the yields but the numbers will settle prior to the launch.
G84 is all Vista DirectX 10 ready and we hope that Nvidia can make the WHQL Vista driver before that date.
We are sure Graphzilla can do it but we thought we should give it a pinch before it finally gets its finger out.

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  1. Well, it's de InQ... Still it seems plausible.

    nVidia knew R600 could outperform its G80, and they kept something up their sleeves.

    The question that would need to be answered then is: has AMD foreseen this and prepared a response? I get the feeling that most likely – but that's just a guess.
  2. Nvidia has a call for papers of its own, which means that the world wide developer community participates to the Nvidia development (scholarships, prizes etc..) though i think AMD/ATI must have some similar channel...all this to say that while consumers are always surprised about the cards when they come out, somewhere people know 3 years ahead what is gonna be on the market (not exactly but they'll have a general idea)...ever wondered why same generation cards look alike?
    the problem is, that now both Intel/AMD and ATI/Nvidia are no longer on the same phaze, with 6 months or more separating same generation launches... of course, the latest model will always outperform its predecessors.
  3. Yeah, it's been discussed already.

    That tey may be masking 25% f the shaders is possible, it would just be very surprising.

    Still have to wait for more info.
  4. Yeah I know my fault, I should have said that it was from the INQ , is just that I spend half my time here at TH and I have never contributed with any new post where I am not asking for help 8O so this is kind off my way of saying thanks :wink: by start posting interesting things :) , I hope the next time it isn't an already talked subject :oops: .Anyway I pretty exited about the 8600 it looks quite promising, I waiting to see if its worth changing my BFG 7800 oc for an 8600 8O

    feel free to correct my english, coz is my second lenguage so it wil be kind of helpfull(and if you want to learn spanish ask me :D )

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  9. lmao. nice find. i actually used some of those avatars in here for a while.
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  11. So when are we going to see major price drops for the 8800's?
  12. The answer to that question is a mixed bag. If the R600 (or x2900xtx) performs at the same level as a 8800 GTX, don't expect to see any price drops. If the x2900xtx outperforms the GTX by a margin of >15-20%, expect to see price drops. Either way, we'll know the answer to your question in about 5 weeks.
  13. No worries man it's all good, and it's not like an A vs B thread for the 8 billionth time.

    And yeah the GF8600U look to be a pretty nice part, in the same way the GF7600GT was.
  14. Quote:
    8O is public.(someone somewhere must be thinking..ptff..what a noob :lol: )

    You both could make them private.
    Try mine. :twisted:

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