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Hey people,

I'm looking to get a case that looks cool (in my opinion naturally), but is also quiet. I quite like the NZXT Lexa case. However, as I've also been looking at some black widescreen monitors (a Dell one and a Samsung one), I was trying to find a case in black to match. One that I liked the look of is the CoolerMaster Wave Master. From ebuyer, I thought it had two 12cm fans, but it seems that reviews say it has three 8cm fans. Does anyone know if the Wave Master is a loud case? Also, can anyone recommended a quiet modular PSU with 700W+ output?
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  1. If your budget will allow then this looks rather interesting
  2. Unfortunately, I need 700W+, as I'll be running an 8800GTS, Core 2 duo, 3 SATA drives + 1 IDE drive (I used the power requirements calculator. That gave me a recommendation of 680W, so I'd rather get something 700+ just to be safe and for a bit of upgradability). I've looked at the Antec 900 case, but it just isn't my cup of tea. Same goes for that Aplus case (the 25cm fan sticks out too much for my liking). Keep the suggestions coming though!
  3. coolermaster stacker 830 (or 832)

    enermax galaxy 850
  4. I ran the power calculator again. It came up as needing 705W. I suspect this is mainly because I intend to overclock an E6600 to 3GHz. However, I know that my current PSU (Hiper Type-R 580W) has good amperage output. Does anyone know if my current PSU will be enough to support my next system?
    My next system is looking to be:
    E6600 oc'ed to 3GHz
    XFX 8800GTS
    3 SATA drives + 1 7200rpm IDE drive
    1 DVD-RW combo drive
    1 Floppy drive
    2x1GB Corsair Dominator RAM (PC6400 Cl4) <- oc'ed to match CPU
  5. Ok, cheers for that. I should then be able to stick with my Hiper Type-R 580W (38A total on the combined +12V rails).
  6. Oh, ok then. Cheers for that. I've been pointed in the direction of an 850W Xclio modular PSU which I think I'll get. Should last a fair while.
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