Asus support is trouble.

So i called them about get my computer fixed and they said they would send a box so they did not. 3 weeks later they tell me i have to sent a box to them. I bought the computer at bestbuy they said now that i have to bring it there
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  1. Firstly I want to say that I am sorry, and that I have had several annoying problems with Asus also, second I want to tell you that I cannot help you here, but I just want to sympathize with you. I bought a 16" refurbished Asus g60vx gaming laptop and when I got it the sound was not working. So I sent it back to Newegg and I did not get one back till over a month latter. And now, my sound is broken on my new Asus computer. ButI hope you get your computer fixed.

    For RMA:

    request RMA:

    RMA request form:


    On line tech support, to get RMA #?
    ASUS Computer International
    44370 Nobel Drive, Fremont, CA 94538
    Tel: 510-739-3777 Fax: 510-797-2102 Use this phone number it is the fastest way. Need to have serial number handy and they will send RMA info by email.
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