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WTB - Overclocking for Dummies! (e4300) =)

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February 19, 2007 11:42:40 AM

Hello Folks,

I have just finished my first build (see sig) now comes the over-clocking. I've looked at the guide but it doesnt include my E4300 so i'm hoping those of you more tech savvy can tell me how to get the best out of this chip. I do not want a huge O/C if I knew the settings to get it to 266MHz i'd be happy as everytime i've tried it's failed to boot.

I hope you can help me figure this out, I chose the parts from weeks of research (mostly on these forums, so thanks for that ;) ) and I feel I made good choices, so its a real shame that I have no idea how get the best out of this Chip/Setup.


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February 19, 2007 9:01:43 PM

Your 4300 will behave similarly to a 9 x multiplier 6600, except for the FSB difference, so re-read the wusy's C2D OC Guide, and proceed accordingly. You should be able to reach at least 2.8 Ghz with the stock cooler. 8)
February 19, 2007 9:37:47 PM

If your reasonably lucky, you'll be able to overclock to ~3ghz extremely easily without releasing to much wrath on your chip.

Slowly up the FSB to 333mhz, maybe do one voltage increase if you need to but if you want to go higher than that then you'll need to do some reading.
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February 20, 2007 6:53:51 AM

Also make sure to disable smart fan and only use the bios to OC. Don't try the easytune route. :D 
February 21, 2007 9:31:47 PM

I just finished building a similar system yesterday. I got the E4300, DS3 rev 2 (bios F9), some OCZ Platinum Rev2 DDR2-800 and a Thermalright Ultra-120 (plus fan).

It's running stably (so far) at 350 mhz x 9 = 3150 mhz (DDR2 @ 700).

I got nowhere until I saw the post that said to disable the following:
Limit CPUID Max to 3, C1E, EIST and No-Execute Memory Protect.

My ram advertised timings of 4-4-4-15 , and it needed +0.2 V with a 2.00 Memory Multiplier to run fine. Speeding it up just hurt stability.

I left my FSB voltage at Normal, but I had to raise the MCH Voltage by 0.1. The CPU Voltage is at 1.400 V. If I drop the MCH voltage, or the CPU voltage, the computer goes paperweight.

To find these settings, I started with higher voltages (CPU 1.45, MCH +.3, FSB +.1) and worked them down one at a time. If it would boot into Vista, I'd try running orthos. If my voltages were off or my speeds too high, it would crash after the first test (about 2-3 minutes).

Good luck. I know my system sure beats my old AMD 1.1 Gig w/ 32 MB VRAM.