Asus EN7900GT TOP problem

Hi, i have a weird problem with my Asus EN7900GT TOP

If i plya F.E.A.R or run the 3D mark 06 benchmark, i get some texture corruptions and/or my screen starts to flicker and i have to reboot my PC.

I seriously dont know what is happening, i RMA the card 3 times and it still doesnt work

I have a 550W power supply, a
Opteron 165,
2GB of Kingston ram DDR400

Anyone had this kind of issue with the same or similar card ??

please help
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  1. Did you get a different card back each time did an RMA? If you did and still have the problem, then of course I would looke elsewhere for the cause. Try only using on or two sticks of RAM at a time and test it out. Are you able to try another video card in your system?

    XFX Support
  2. thanks a lot for the reply XFX,

    hum, could it really be memory that could cause that ?
    anyways, im gonna try to remove some chips of ram and ill retry that tonight when ill get back from work

    as for the other video card, sadly i don't have any other pci express video card laying around, the only person that i know that has a video card, well, he dont wanna lend it to me, he doesn't want the same thing to happen to his card. And if my pc is the cause of this, well i understand him lol, i would want to break my video card either :cry:

    Ill give you news about it, im gonna try it tonight, and thanks again for the response, it is nice to see an actual tech responding to the forums :wink:
  3. Sounds like artefact issue. Had it with 7900GT. Memory died out. Sent it back and got X1900XT.
    This happens only in FEAR or in all of the games?
  4. It seems to only happen in stuff that use either HDR or SM3.0 im not sure, It doesnt happen in World of Warcraft, it doesnt happen in Warcraft III, Need for speed Carbon, Dark messiah of might and magic ...

    only in FEAR, 3Dmark06 Deep Freeze test, i didnt try it with anything else, ut that bugs me cause i really wanted to play the EXP of FEAR, that is only why i upgraded over my radeon 9800 pro, play FEAR ! so that actually pisses me off :evil:
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