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I am having kind of a difficult problem with my Linksys WRT54GL(DD-WRT v23 SP2) router and looking for some help. I usually do a lot of gaming (BF2, BF2142, CS:S, etc) and I rely heavily on good pings but lately they have been far from that. I use Comcast for my ISP and for the last 5 days after about 6PM, my pings will slowly creap up. Example: My pings to google usually average around 30ms but they will start to creap up after 6 to around 75ms+. By 9PM at night they are usually around 220ms+ to any destination including google. This has been happening for about 4 days now but last night while my pings were very high I directly plugged my cable modem into my computer and my pings were fine. Any place I pinged my times were normal. As soon as I plugged my modem back into my router my pings went back up to about 200ms+. I have tried restarting all my network equipment, restoring both my router and modem back to factory settings and still terrible pings at night. I have tried almost every setting that can be changed to no avail. If anybody has a solution for me I would greatly appreciate it!

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  1. Try changing ports on the router. It might improve the situation. When people turn on their TVs, it affects the cable companies network negatively.
    If the cables and ports are okay, you might want to try a new router. Return it if it doesn't solve the problem.
  2. Is the router getting very hot? I've had a few situations where someone had put a bunch of stuff ontop of their linksys and it was baking to death. They really do need a good amount of ventalation.
  3. Looking at that situation there are some things you can do to improve that ping. first adjust your MTU package size (google MTU size you'll get the optimum values for cable internet the change is done in registery). Next with a router adding 200+ms to a ping it could be that someone is possibly leaching off your network., what kind of security are you using if none/wep then asap go to using WPA as it is a LOT more secure using a special security certificate instead of a key. It could also just be that you're in a large node of of heavy users (contrary to popular belief cable is in fact shared among all the customers in a given area called a node that is assigned a certain amount of bandwidth and then that is divided up as more users log on). failing all of that you may just have a bum router, if none of my suggestions help then go out and buy yourself a new router (I'd personally reccommend anything by Dlink or if you look on ebay you may be able to pick up a cisco router with wireless for cheap (retail they go for $1K plus depending on features).

    hope this helps,

  4. I'm going to say your problem is with Comcast. Try calling them to say you have very slow connections in the evenings. Probably need an equipment upgrade. It may take a while to resolve though. The problem with Cable Internet is that you are sharing bandwidth further upstream with all of your neighbors. Since your slowdown just happened recently, I'll guess that your area has recently had a number of new hookups and the head unit has gotten saturated to the point of lag that you can notice. Thus, you have good speed when everyone is at work. As the evening goes on, more and more people are online doing their thing. In these days of YouTube, P2P music swapping, etc. there are a lot of people pushing stuff onto the Internet so it eats up bandwidth even faster than just 2 years ago.
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