Limited Voltage reading?

I just purchased a ECS C51GM-M about a week ago, set up my new machine and all seems to be going good. Then my new Video card showed up from NewEgg, a 7800GT. Worked well the first night then the next morning it was telling me that there wasn't sufficient power for it. I ran Speedfan and it was telling me there was only 5.89v across the +12v rail. Is this common for an ECS board to show a limited +12v supply? I tried 3 different PSU's with the same reading for each one, each one had a different Wattage rating too.

Just curious, didn't really want to drive the 2 hours back to Vegas to exchange it at Fry's.
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  1. My board is doing the same. Same ~5v on the 12v reading. Its pulling the wrong readings on these boards. Its a software problem that simply needs updating.
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