Dell 30" Monitor (what graphics card??)

Im buying a new computer in the next week.
Im thinkin of buying

Cpu: Intel E6600
M/B: Asus Striker Extreme
Vid Card: EVGA 8800GTX
HD: 2x 78GB Raptor and 2x 320GB HD
PSU: Silverstone ST85ZF
Case: Coolermaster STacker 830 Evo
Monitor: Dell 30" 3007WFP-HC
Ram: G.Skill DDR2 8000 2x1gb

Just wondering If one EVGA 8800gtx is enough to power the 30" Dell monitor? Im a multimedia design student and I need a computer that is fast at rendering after effects 7.0 and photoshop etc, but also a computer than can run games well (good past time when you don't want to do homework)
Posted on some aussie forums and some guys seemed to think you "have" to have 2 x 8800gtx's to run the 30" dell with games. I just want to make sure this is right.

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  1. Quote:
    Just wondering If one EVGA 8800gtx is enough to power the 30" Dell monitor?

    LOL... yes. Don't listen to those blokes... 2 GTX's is overkill. Dual link is supported on the GTX and the Dell 30in. They might have been refering to DVI dual link. But don't worry, GTX supports dual link.
  2. Alright that sounds good.

    So i'd be able to run games and stuff on the 30" well with just 1 vid card?
    Because I can also buy a 2nd vid card down the track when it starts to slow up.
  3. You'd be able to run games exceptionally well with 1 8800GTX. Only add another in 3 months or less, otherwise most likely another Flagship series card will be released by then.
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