Motherboard decision help!

Hey guys, I'm kinda stuck between choosing a MB. Will be using a E6600 with 4GB Corsair XMS2 (6400C4) RAM, 8800GTX, 150GB Raptor, 700W Seasonic PSU. Not looking to run SLI or Crossfire.

Want to hit a bus speed of 400Mhz 24/7 Orthos stable.

P5W Deluxe

abit QuadGT

Gigabyte P965 DQ6 - Is it possible to remove that Crazy Cool plate and install a Scythe Infinity or Tuniq 120 cooler?

Asus Commando

Your comments are welcome! Thanks.
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  1. P5W DH Deluxe.

  2. I would stick with P965 or a 680i chipset. Get a good cooler (Tuniq 120 cooler) would be my choice. P5B Deluxe would be my choice. Remember everyones ocing results may vary. Also it depends on your ocing ability and of course cooling.
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